Try Me Free #Cash4Christmas

Do you ever go to the supermarket and notice "try me free" products? 
Do you ever take advantage of these products and try them for free? 

This year I have been scouring the supermarkets for "try me free products". I have managed to save around £50 doing the try me free hunts. Although this is not a huge amount of money, I have put very little effort into looking for try me free products, and although £50 does not seem a lot £50 is a whole week's food shopping for our household.

The way that try me free products work is that the products act as a Money Back Guarantee promotion, meaning you pay for the product but later receive the money back. You are normally sent a cheque or a postal order in the post for the value of the product which you tried for free. To redeem a "try me free promotion" you often need to send a little letter to the brand and let them know your thoughts on the product that you have tried . You then send this letter along with the receipt that includes the try me for free product on to a promotion address which is identified on the "try me free" product/sticker

Try me free products can often be found in supermarkets however they can sometimes be found in discount stores. I often find the try me free products easy to identify thanks to a bold sticker on the front of the product or a bright tag hung around the product's neck.

Try me free products of course include terms. It is essential that you buy the product and send off your claim before the closing date, some items can be pricey and it would be a shame not to receive your cashback due to missing the closing date. Terms also often include that one product can be purchased per household however if the terms do not state one per person why not use another family member's address to get the money back guarantee so you can take advantage of the promotion?

My favourite try me free product this year was Bernard Matthew Turkey pieces. Although they are not something I enjoy, Ben loves them and we managed to get a few packs free with the "try me free" money back guarantee. The money that we earned included the price of the product, the stamp price and came as a form of cheque which was easy for me to cash in at the bank.

Although picking up "try me free products" is not a fast money maker, it is a money maker that can save you money and it is something which can still be done ahead of Christmas. Below are a few of my favourite "try me free products" which you may still be able to get your hands on:

Ecover EcoPlatinum washing up liquid - closes 30/11/15
Promotional neck collar needed
Form and T&Cs HERE

Santa Maria meal kits, seasoning mixes, tortillas and jalapeños- closes 31/01/2016
Sticker item needed
Details and claim form HERE

Pizza Ristorante - closes 31/03/2016
Promotional box needed
Please read the T&Cs carefully

Bird's Eye Stir Your Senses range of ready meals - closes 30/06/16
Promotional pack needed
Product details HERE

Branston Beans - closes 31/3/2016
Promotional pack needed
Details and claim form HERE


  1. Some great tips and a good way to see if you like a product.

    1. Thank you Jo. I find any money saved is always a bonus and it is a great way to try new products.

  2. This is always a great way of trying products you probably wouldn't have bought otherwise ... and some of them turn into family faves !

  3. will have to look out for these, a good way to try new items

  4. I had never heard of these. Any savings are welcomed in our house and this is a great tip thank you


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