Thrifty Three Favs

I can not believe it is October. I am so thrilled that it is October. September was a really busy month for us and I did not manage to do as much as I would have liked to however, it was still a successful month for us a family. We managed to save a lot of money and I managed to get a few wins. Below are my three favs for the month.


Favourite bargain: Last month I wrote that I was looking for bits to purchase as I had decided to redo Maxwell's room. I had a £100 budget overall and I wanted to change the look of it. I wanted to spend as little as possible and make it into a bright coloured themed room that I knew he would love. Last month I managed to secure a few bargains but my favourite bargain of the month was some bookends that now sit on Maxwell's window ledge. The bookends fit the colour of Maxwell's room perfectly and they were reduced to an amazing £2 from £15. I had ordered Maxwell a new book sling for £25 however this was not needed due to my amazing book end bargain. Due to my bargain buying, Maxwell's finished room has come under budget meaning I can put the spare money towards his party in December.

Favourite freebie: Last month I was lucky enough to work very hard on certain things and something which paid out well for me was Topcashback. Last month I made a whopping £60 in Topcashback. To me this is free money, money that I never had before and I achieved these earnings by simply doing free offers, ensuring I got cashback on items which I purchased on the web and in stores and also made sure I signed up to deals which ensured I got more money back than the purchase I made. You are able to view my "how to make £40" cashback post here if you are interested in making some cash yourself this Autumn. Look out for some future cashback posts.

Favourite Gift: Last month I did not have a lot of time to enter a lot of competitions, I simply had a busy month. I did manage to win some nice prizes that were not high value wins that will really benefit Maxwell and it is items that he loves which made me happy. I was lucky enough to win a bundle of Ladybird books which came a few days ago and have gone down a treat in our household. Maxwell and I love reading and it is always nice to read him something new at bedtime. I am hoping for a great winning month this month.

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