The Big Bedroom Makeover

Recently we were contacted by the lovely people over at Hillary's and asked if we would like to get involved with their big bedroom makeover campaign. Having recently spent a lot of time getting Maxwell's room up to a good standard, I felt it was time for Ben and I to get our room up to a better standard. I sent snaps over to Hillary's of our bedroom and after a short period of time, we were sent some tips by interior stylist Joanna Thornhill on how to improve our room.

I had a budget of £100 to transform our room and I really wanted to make our room look different to the boring bland room that it had been for around 2 years. Thanks to Joanna's tips I was able to complete our room makeover in less than a month which I was thrilled about. With Christmas around the corner I wanted our room to look special, homely and warm and I feel that is what I have created with our room.

Joanna Thornhill's Recommendations:

1. The built-in cupboards in the wall opposite your bedhead are quite dominating, I'd try and blend these into the room a little more - Thank's to Joanna's recommendation, I decided to paint these cupboard doors and tried to make them blend into our room a little more. I also decided to remove the horrid old gold door knobs and opted for some light crystal ones which I knew would fit into our room well.

2. Your furniture looks smart and your look seems well put together, but breaking away slightly from your earthy colour palette would add a little more interest and make the space feel more homely - Following Joanna's advice I added more colour into the room. I decided to go with the colour green and opted for a new bedspread which included a new runner and bed cushion. I opted for a new vase and housed some coloured flowers inside and I also decided to purchase myself a white birdcage that will house a candle, the candle is of course green in colour.

3. Adding a few more artworks to your bedhead wall would create a more cosy feel, too - stick to uneven numbers and group them relatively closely, to stop them feeling disparate - Following Joanna's advice not only did I go out and purchase some new artwork, I also bought a headboard for our bed. I wanted the bed to look a little better against the wall so I also opted into buying myself some flower lights to twist around the head board.

Over 20 bloggers completed Hillary's big room makeover's, you are able to view all our room transformations here. I really enjoyed taking part in this challenge and I am thrilled with the results. I can not believe that I manged to stick to the £100 budget that I had and I can not believe how bright and airy my room now looks. I think every blogger's room looks fantastic after seeing the amazing montage that Hillary's have created and it is clear to see everyone has followed Joanna's tips.

Have you been meaning to do a room makeover but have not got round to it? Why not pop over to Hillary's website and create some room makeover ideas?


  1. Joanna Thornhill's advice is good, isn't it? We actually splashed out, went over budget and revamped our daughter's whole room, and it was great to get the input from Hillarys.

  2. Love that colour - wouldn't believe it was the same room, looks like a boutique bedroom, beautiful.

  3. Fantastic bedroom makeover, the results are incredible! I'm loving the artwork :)


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