5 For Under £5

This week's 5 for under £5 s focused on fancy dress costumes for Halloween. The costumes which I have picked are perfect for boys but also great for girls to wear and are a little different than your average "Halloween" scary costume.

I thought this would make a nice Halloween outfit. In the past I have seen other children dress up as ghost captains and I though this outfit would make a great outfit idea this Halloween. You could add some bloody stains to the costume and create a spooky effect by adding some face paint's and coloured hairspray to your child's hair.

Although I am aware of this costume being a Skylander costume, I also thought it would be fun for Halloween. As a parent who does not know much about Skylander's I thought this would be a fun idea to wear this Halloween. This costume reminds me of a spooky funny monster.
When wearing this costume, everyone would be able to identify your character. As a child, I used to dress up in a white sheet to go as a ghost to Halloween parties however these days it is just as cheap to buy a shop/internet bought costume. I think this costume is fab and will create a few scares this Halloween.
This is a super Halloween costume at a reasonable price. The costume itself is pretty spooky but you could easily add face paint to get the best desired effect for your Halloween event. This costume would be great to wear out as there is room to add extra layers under the costume/skirt part.

Last year Maxwell dressed up as a pirate. I bought him a regular pirate costume and added a lot of face paint on to his face to get the best effect. I loved Maxwell's pirate costume last year and this year I will again think outside the box to create him a fun costume.

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  1. These are really good value, and you're right, it's cheaper to buy a ghost costume than destroy a white sheet for the job like we did when we were children!


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