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I am a massive fan of Rugby. Having watched it whilst growing up and recently getting the chance to meet an England Rugby star, I have many favourite moments when it comes to watching the Rugby World Cup. The best moment for me was from 2003 when Jonny Wilkinson dropped the goal that put the score at 20-17 and won England the 2003 World Cup.

I remember watching the 2003 match. I was young however old enough to remember the match well and old enough to know why and who I wanted to win the cup. I had butterflies in my tummy, I felt a lot of excitement and happiness however I felt nervous, nervous for the country as these England players had so many people's hopes in their hands. The pressure on these star players was immense however the players worked hard throughout the match and stood united.

I enjoyed watching the match but felt upset that we had come so far and we did not look like we were going to win. The England team had worked hard. 6 minutes into the match Australia were ahead however by 38 minutes England were ahead. There were so many twists and turns to the match and by the end we looked like we would loose. We were given a last minute chance that managed to see England through. There were only 26 seconds left on the clock and the moment came that we, England won the Rugby World  Cup! It was fantastic to see Jonny Wilkinson use his weaker right foot and bring home the Rugby World Cup home to England. It was a real nail biting match however England managed to reap rewards for their hard work.

It was a fantastic moment to watch and something that many rugby fans will always remember. It is something that England have not done again and due to this it is a record breaking match that will be part of England's history forever. This year could be our year and it would be fantastic to experience an exciting moment like 2003's match if I won the Rugby World Cup tickets.


 Rugby World Cup


  1. I'm a Wales 1987 was the last time we got close to the world cup. Lets hope we do well, we've been drawn in a difficult group!

  2. You cannot beat the golden moment when Johnny wilkinson famously kicked a winning drop goal in 2003...a classic moment in sporting history!

  3. Who can forget that classic moment in World Rugby when Johnny Wilkinson famously kicked the winning drop goal in 2003...sporting history in the making!


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