A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell has settled in well at his old preschool
  2. Maxwell had a fantastic first day at his new preschool
  3. Maxwell has been getting on well with his speech
  4. Maxwell is nearly there with toilet training
  5. Maxwell has been trying lots of new foods recently.
With a new term starting, Maxwell managed to settle well into his old preschool. I was a little worried at first due to the fact that a lot of friends Maxwell had, had left to go to big school however it is clear to see it has not overly worried Maxwell and he has started interacting with other children that he may not have last year. He has a best friend at preschool and it is fantastic to see Maxwell run over to him every day that they attend together and watch them play.

Maxwell started his new preschool with a little bit of hassle on Tuesday however once he has arrived at preschool and came home it was clear to see he had a brilliant first day and he can not wait to go back next week. He came home with a note of praise and seeing as it was Maxwell's first day, we were super proud. We adore Maxwell's new preschool and we know it is the right environment and right place for him to attend.

Maxwell's speech is getting better and better. Lots of people have commented on how much his speech is improving which is brilliant to know and hear. Maxwell can now say words such as disgusting and delicious which are quite long words however Maxwell still struggles to put sentences together. With the help of Maxwell's new preschool, we are looking forward to see Maxwell's speech develop.

Over the 6 weeks holiday, we have nearly managed to potty train Maxwell. Maxwell now sits on the toilet and does this out and about however he still has accidents and prefers to wear pull ups than pants for a long period of time. We think that Maxwell will be there with his potty training adventure soon.

Maxwell used to hate foods that was saucy and he would hate eating meat. Vegetables, fruit and salad were fine. Recently Maxwell has been trying a range of new foods and now adores eating baked beans and enjoys a few new meats which he used to hate. We will continue to encourage him to eat a different range of foods. 


  1. He really is coming along in huge leaps. I have noticed it and a lot of that is down to you over the holidays. Hope it continues right through.

  2. Yay, go Max! Glad he is enjoying his new pre school and well done with the toilet training and trying new foods, Max! Super proud of you x

  3. I am so proud of Maxxy he is amazing and what a fantastic week. x

  4. I am so glad he had a great first day, I bet you were worrying! It is nice to see how well he is coming along and I'm so pleased his speech is improving.

  5. I'm glad Maxwell is enjoying preschool and well done on the speech and potty training, I'm not looking forward to starting this with Arthur!


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