5 for under £5

Maxwell is a massive Playmobil fan. With the lead up to Christmas I have recently been looking for Playmobil bargains. I always love finding Playmobil for under £5, this weeks 5 for under £5 is Playmobil focused. The bargains I have found are great for all ages and suitable for boys and girls. Enjoy!

This set is great for boys and girls! I have bought Maxwell a few of the horse sets with stalls so far and for £5 they are great value for money. There are many horse stall sets that Playmobil have to offer, this is a great addition to any Playmobil lovers collection.

Playmobil 1.2.3 is the Playmobil for younger children - toddlers. There are quite a few 1.2.3 sets however this is a really nice one to add to any collection. It is great for little fingers and is great for imaginative play.

I recently purchased this set and I was surprised at how many items came in the box. This set is a nice set that goes nicely with the dino range of Playmobil or it is a great set on its own.

I do not often buy figures however I have found that the emergency service items from Playmobil are quite expensive. I bought this set to add to Maxwell's stocking. He now has 2 figures that will help protect his Playmobil city from crime.

These little dragon warrior sets have been on offer for a while which has meant I have purchased a few of them. You do not get a lot in the packets so around the £3 figure is a good deal for these in my eyes. Maxwell loves playing with the dragons out of this set and loves coming up with imaginative ideas on how to use the dragons in his play.


  1. Yay! Thanks for posting these bargains. I am always on the look out for stocking fillers, Christmas Eve Boxes and birthday presents. These are fantastic especially as we have some Playmobil fans in the family,

    1. Playmobil is on top of our Christmas wish list.

  2. Love these! I absolutely adored Playmobil as a child and think it's time to get my daughter involved. Great bargains here :)

  3. These are great for stocking fillers at christmas, love the bargains x

  4. I love amazon soooo much! These are great finds. Carson is into playmobil at the mo himself x

  5. Awwwh we love Playmobil! Some real bargains here! Thank you for sharing!


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