The A-Z Of Me

Recently I have seen a few blog posts floating around from other bloggers stating the "A-Z" of me, I thought it was about time I joined in with the fun. Here is the A-Z Of Me.

The A-Z Of Me

I am a person who appreciates things - I am always thankful of what I have around me and daily I thank my lucky stars that I have such a lovely family, a roof over my head and we have food on the table to eat.

I adore blogging. I have been blogging for just over 3 years now and I have learnt so much. I have made the most incredible friends who I love and I have been given some amazing opportunities.

I spend half my life doing chores. I obsess over making my home a perfect home and can spend hours a day rearranging things, cleaning and binning stuff. I spend around 2 hours a day cleaning, mainly when Max is in bed at night.

I seem to spend my life having and creating many dreams, mainly when it comes to making money and setting a business up. I have never been much of a risk taker and I would never put my family in a awful financial situation hense why my dreams have not become a reality as of yet.

I get excited over things that make my family and others happy. I love seeing others happy and when this occurs I often get over excited.

I have a love and hate relationship with food. After I had Maxwell all I seemed to do was indulge and managed to balloon in size however for a while now I have been eating less and eating better food. I am a massive fan of eating tasty food, healthy or unhealthy I am a massive fan.

I never take anything in life for granted. You never know what is around the corner. Take the most precious things in life and make sure they know that they are loved.

I am a home bird and love the routine I have created at home. I do not feel comfortable with change. At home I believe most of the fantastic memories with my family have been created. Home is where I feel safe, loved and warm.

I adore Instagram. Not only do I love sharing my photo's on their I also love noising at other people on their. It is a great way to keep up to date with what other's are up to.

One of my favourite deserts is jelly. It is a childhood favourite and I adore the fact that Maxwell also enjoys eating it. I love making new flavours and setting it in fun molds so that Maxwell can enjoy eating it.

I love being around people who are kind. There are a lot of people in the world today that can be hurtful, hurtful people have no space in my life.

I love to hear laughter. Laughter means happiness and I am happy if I hear it in our home, whilst out and about or within our family. Happiness means happy times, happy times where memories are created and stories are made.

I have a lovely little boy called Maxwell. Since Maxwell came into my life in 2011, my life has changed for the better. He is the most magical, incredible human ever and he makes me proud to be his Mummy every single Day.

I love living in the New Forest. Time and time again we have wanted to move due to the heavy cost of living in the lovely area that we live however we are still in this area and feel we can never move. It is our home and we adore the country life however the city life nearby which we can also experience.

I adore the ocean. Since I was a baby I have been bought up around the ocean. The ocean is a beautiful force, something that I take for granted, something which I see most days.

I have a secret love for pop music. You can often see me listening to hits from Justin Beiber and One Direction. I am sure some people think that I am weird but I love cheesy pop music and adore 90's hits.

I hate queuing. Depending on what que I have to join I often feel anxious and sometimes scared. I like spending my time wisely and queuing is a time consuming process.

One of my favorite colours is red. I adore the colour but I despise the fact that I am unable to wear red clothing as it colour clashes with my "red" coloured hair.

I love to see people focus on their strengths and not there weaknesses. I often find people get fixated on the negatives rather than the positives.

A shocking secret about me is I find it hard to tell the time. It is not the fact that I do not know the time but I often get confused when using manual clocks.

I have a massive love for Ugg Boots. Most people either love or hate them but I adore them. They keep my feet nice and snug in the winter and I often manage to find a nice pair of summer shoes from their stores also.

I love buying items that are great value for money. I refuse to buy items at full price and often use coupons and money off vouchers on a regular basis. I scrimp and save on what I can so we never get in debt and can afford nice things in life.

I am obsessed with the smell of wet rain. It is one of my favourite smells in the whole wide world.

I can play basic songs on the xylophone. I used to love playing music at school and taught myself a few easy songs. Maxwell is impressed when I play him songs on his xylophone.

I spend a awful lot of my life yawning. I am tired out 70% of the time due to always wanting to stay busy.

My favorite place to visit is the zoo. I always find its educational for Maxwell to visit them and I love seeing all the animals which live at the zoo.


  1. Lovely post and really interesting stuff about you. I love zoos too.

  2. This is a fab post it before I started my work on a rainy Monday morning in Glasgow and it sure cheered me up! im laughing at the yawning one...I seem to spend all day Monday yawning and that's never good when u r teaching a class full of kids!

  3. I'm so glad that I'm not the only adult who loves jelly! And as for the yawning - I'm with you all the way!

  4. I am so glad you have written this post. I know a lot more about you now! Very enjoyable.

  5. a great post, I think I would struggle to think of something for each letter

  6. I've loved reading all about you.I started doing competitions last November and love doing them,I've had a few small prizes and I get so excited even when it was 4 50p vouchers for money off sausages !Anyway,I now recognise bloggers names and it really is so nice to know you a little bit better.Thank you for the competitions and who knows,perhaps one day you'll tell me I've won ! x


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