Cotton Candy Yankee Candle Review

Recently I was sent a beautiful treat. I was sent a Cotton Candy Yankee Candle. For anyone that reads my blog, knows for a fact that I adore Yankee Candles. The Cotton Candy Yankee Candle was a massive treat for me to receive and I was thrilled to receive it. I was sent a large jar which at the present moment is making a special appearance in the UK.

Normally I would not choose a candle such as the Cotton Candy Yankee Candle. I normally enjoy the smell of floral candles and I normally buy candles which are neutral colours that tend to fit with my decor at home however I feel this time around, it was a pleasant surprise and treat to get my hands on something different.

When the candle arrived, it came in a medium pink colour. I thought the pink would be pretty neural and would be a pale pink however this was not the case. I thought the candle would make a perfect gift for any girly girl, anyone who loves pretty pink colours or adores the smell of Cotton Candy.

Upon opening the lid of the Cotton Candy candle I was hit by a sweet smell immediately. I thought that the smell would take a while to drift around my home however even before lighting the candle the smell managed to fill my room.  Ben commented on how sweet it smelt and said he loved the smell.

The scent that the Cotton Candy Yankee gives off would be perfect to freshen your home or use as a fragrance to make your home smell beautiful. I also fell that the candle would be perfect to relax with.

The candle has a burning time of up to 150 hours meaning that the candle will last a long time. The candle is priced at £21.99 which I feel is a reasonable price for a special appearance candle. You can buy the Cotton Candy Yankee  Candle here.

Whilst visiting Yankee Candles website why not check out there fantastic summer sale. There is 50% off certain items! Why not take a peek?

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this post
However I did receive the product for the purpose of this review. This post is written in my own words.


  1. I love Yankee Candles, I've not smelt this one yet but I can imagine it making me crave sweets!!

  2. I prefer fresh laundry/cotton candles but the colour's not bad & the lasting power of YCs is great!


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