A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell has a new obsession with Lego
  2. Maxwell is excited for my sisters wedding
  3. Maxwell is prepared to start his new preschool in September
  4. Maxwell is enjoying the hot weather.
  5. Maxwell's is making lots of improvements with his speech
It feels like forever since I have done one of these posts. Maxwell has come a long way in such a short space of time however he still has a little further to go. Maxwell is excited for the upcoming holidays and he is looking forward to spending time at home and with our family. Here is a few other things that he is looking forward to or has been up to.

Maxwell is obsessed with Lego. For a long while I tried to keep him happy with megabloks, mainly due to the expense of Lego and how addictive it can be to collect however a few weeks ago when I was having a tidy up I found a huge box of Lego. Maxwell loved it as soon as he set eyes on it and since he has started to play with it he has built many things. The most recent idea he had was building his own castle and car. He completed the task with a little help from Mummy and his creation looked amazing.

Maxwell will be attending my sisters wedding in the next few weeks and he is extremely excited. Maxwell has been for a suit fitting and is prepared to attend the wedding. He is obsessed with telling everyone that it is a purple wedding and tells everyone what he will be eating for dinner. He is looking forward to the rehearsal before the wedding and is super excited for the actual day.

Maxwell is prepared to go back to preschool in September. I have already sorted new bags, lunchboxes, uniform and even simple things such as clothing in bags and new raincoats. Maxwell is happy to be attending his new preschool and loved his little taster day which we went to a few weeks ago. I am a little nervous about him going to his new preschool as it means he has to catch a bus there without me taking him but over time it is something we will get used to. I am excited to see how Maxwell's new preschool will help and support him.

Maxwell adores the hot summer weather we are having. He loves to play outside and thanks to the weather he has been spending a lot of time having fun outside. He enjoys playing in his playhouse, playing in his water and sand table and loves to explore the area on his bike. We are looking forward to going on days out in the summer holidays and we will enjoy spending time at our local parks.

Maxwell's speech has continued to come on well and I am excited to see any further improvements  that may happen in the next few months. It seems strange that in December he could barely say a word however he can now say single word objects and can try and say a few words together. Maxwell adores to sing and loves to try and re tell books he has read. Although a lot of what he says is hard to understand, he is getting there slowly but surely.

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