5 for under £5

This 5 for under £5 features items which I think would be perfect to use this summer whilst the children are off school. Ii know Maxwell loves to get crafty and we have recently purchased a few of these items ourselves. We hope you enjoy!

5 for under £5

This set is a lovely set. I think it is a great starter set to use, to get children knitting. I adore the wooden doll that comes with this set and I think it would make a great summer craft or a great gift.

Maxwell adores drawing with chalk and these are fantastic to use outside! These chalks are nice and chunky and can be added to pavements to spruce them up with colour. They are a fun summer activity and can create hours of fun.

This is a more skilled craft and I feel this craft may need adult help to complete. This looks like a fun activity for older children this holiday. I love the different designs you are able to get these sequin creations in.

I thought this was a nice little set to take on holiday, play at home with or take on a day out. It looks like a fun set that will create a few hours of fun. I think it is priced at a great price.

We love getting crafty and have recently purchased a pack of these pens. They are fun to use on new or old Tshirts and are great for drawing with, brightening up a T shirt or creating something fun that you want to wear.


  1. I love the t-shirt graffiti pens and thefrench knit doll set, my girls love getting creative :)

  2. The t-shirt looks great!! Something my girls would love xxx


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