5 For Under £5

For some of you, you may have broken up for the summer holidays. This week  I thought I would take a look at a few summer essentials that you may need whilst holidaying away this year.

I would be lost without a little First  Aid Kit in my bag at all times. I always find it is handy to have one especially with a clumsy toddler who likes to often fall over and split his legs open. I think this is a real bargain and it is pocket size meaning it is easy to carry around.

When ever I go to a different country, I always take travel adapters. I think they are a necessary bit of kit to carry and can be a life saver whilst away and you need to charge your phone, plug your hair straighteners in or even charge kids toys up.

When going away I often take a pair of these in my bag. They have helped me out in the past and I know they have helped my family in the past whilst travelling.

I find that it is always essential to keep all of my documents together when travelling. This little wallet would be perfect to keep all documents and important information together. I think it is a great price and a great size to tuck away in a bag. 

There is nothing worse than being on holiday and having a germ ridden toothbrush that has been lost in a bag.  I think these travel toothbrushes are the perfect size to keep in a bag. The cases are perfect to protect the toothbrushes and keep them germ free.


  1. Thank you for these. I've never seen the Travel Sickness bands but I'm going to look into them for my 7 year old. It would make life so much nicer for him if they work for him.

  2. Pam Francis Gregory15 July 2015 at 20:54

    First Aid Kit looks great for the price!

  3. I wish the travel sickness bands had been around when I was little - I was always travel sick!

  4. Definitely going for the travel sickness bands!! They do work!! I have four kids that all get car sick lol, and so do me and the hubby too! It can be a real fun trip with us lot lol. :-) Great post! x

  5. The first aid kit looks great- it is amazing they can produce it at such a low cost


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