Pirate Maxwell's Potty

 Recently we were contacted by the lovely people over at Penwizard and were asked if we would like to review one of their potty training books. For a while we have been trying to get Maxwell into the habit of using the potty however he seemed very reluctant and was more than happy to wear pull up pants. Due to this, we welcomed the chance to review Penwizards potty training book.

Due to the book being personal for each child, we allowed Maxwell to choose what he wanted in his special potty training book. Maxwell is a visual learner and with a little help Maxwell and I tried to get the character in the book to look like Maxwell. Maxwell was able to choose what first name and surname he wanted in his book along with some important features of his character in the book such as hairstyle and colour, skin tone, eye colour and a mention of the parent who would help with potty training the most.

Once we had completed making the book, we waited for the book to be shipped to us. We were told a time period in which Penwizard thought the book may get to us in however the book arrived much quicker than they stated.  The book was wrapped well when it arrived and it was clear to see that little damage would occur in between Penwizard shipping the book and you the customer receiving the book.

Once the book arrived Maxwell was amazed with it. The story is quite basic, the story is about a little boy who still wears nappies. The story unravels and tells the reader that the little boy is getting a big boy and needs to start learning to use the potty and wearing big boy pants.

Throughout the story, the readers is asked which potty and pants he prefers, each potty/set of pants are pictured in various bright colours, wacky patterns or have pictures on that children are able to identify easy and come in different shapes and sizes. The language used is easy for a young child to follow and Maxwell found it easy to follow the book and comment on what he was hearing/seeing.

Overall we were massively impressed with the book and Maxwell now ask's me to read it daily.  It is a book Maxwell can easily relate to and loves getting involved with it. Soon after getting this book, Maxwell decided to do his first wee on his potty. Although we are still in the early stages of potty training, this book is a brilliant reminder to Maxwell of what he needs to do so he can wear big boy pants permanently.

If you are interested in buying your own potty training book you are able to purchase it from here. Penwizard also offer a wide range of other personalised book including Peppa Pig books as well as In The Night Garden. You are able to easily find these tittles here.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.


  1. looks like a great book, im sure this would have been really helpful with my girls


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