Gumtree #UpcycleRevolution Bloggers Challange

Recently I was delighted to be picked for the Gumtree #UpcycleRevolution bloggers challenge. The project has been set up as part of Gumtree’s support for National Recycling Week June 22nd – 25th and in particular the National UpCycling Day – June 24th. 

So what is this challenge? Gumtree have given each blogger who is taking part in the challenge a cool £100 to buy an item from their site and work on the item to make a upcycled usable item. Once upcycled bloggers are asked to attend a event in London where they have the opportunity to meet Max McMurdo, who will judge each item that 20 bloggers have upcycled. Once he has seen each item, he will declare a winner who then will get £500 to donate to a charity of their choice.

As soon as I got the brief about the challenge, I knew I wanted to get involved. Everyone that reads this blog knows that I adore to save money however although I love trying different things when it comes to saving money,  I have never bothered or had the confidence to upcycle a item that I have got for free or found at a great price. 

For anyone that knows me, knows that this blog is based around Maxwell so it only felt right to create a functional storage living room item which would benefit him, his friends and other children of his age. I hoped that once I complete the challenge, my upcycled item would go on to show other Mums that they could create something as good as what I created.

After spending hours researching about what I wanted to make, I decided I wanted to make a shelf out of a guitar however I knew that this would be far to compered for me to make so I changed my mind on what to make and decided to go for a kids activity table.

Due to a tight time frame for the challenge I felt I had to find a item which needed to be upcycled ASAP so I searched my local Gumtree pages and after a short while I managed to find someone that had the type of table that I was after. This is the table which we purchased:

Look out for post 2 about what I created for my Gumtree challenge and how I went about completing challenge. Want to keep up to date with the challenge? Check out #UpcycleRevolution on Twitter.


  1. what a fab challenge, I have never used their site before but is something i would look into now.

  2. Excited to see what you come up with :) #UpcycleRevolution

  3. I love upcycling too, what a great project. Look forward to seeing the outcome.


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