Creating a Lego Table #UpcycleRevolution

Lego Table

You will need:

1 Ikea Lack Table
2 Lego Base Plates
2 Ikea napkin holders
Gorilla Superglue
Black Board
Command Clear Hooks
Command Clear Caddy
Bucket With Handle

Lego Book

  1. Get your Ikea Lack table, make sure the top surface of it is clean and make sure you are on a even floor to complete your project.
  2. First choose one side of the table to add your Lego Base Plates to. Once you have chosen what side you want to add them to, carefully add glue on the reverse of each Lego Base Plates. Make sure there is a lot of glue spread on the edges and the corners. Also apply glue to the middle of the base plate. Make sure when you go to stick the Lego plates down they are in line with each other and there is no gaps where they both meet in the middle. Push plates down firmly and allow them to dry in place.
  3. Carefully add your caddy and hook to the table. Read the instructions carefully into how these stick to the table. I place the caddy on one side of my table allowing it to sit in the middle. I added one hook to the table, I placed this on the edge of the table closest to the Lego Base Boards.
  4. Opposite the Lego Base Boards, add your blackboard to the table. Apply glue around the edges and hold down to stick. You have the option of using blackboard paint, stickers or shapes to create this idea. I used a A5 sized blackboard.
  5. Once the blackboard is stuck down, add your Ikea napkin holders, these will create a book stand. Before sticking make sure that you have chosen the right place for them to sit.  You will need to ensure that both napkin holders are flat sided down and are pushed up against each other. Make sure you use a lot of glue on these other wise they will break off and leave your table looking a mess.
  6. Finally add a Lego book, chalks and Lego to the table to create tons of FUN!

Lego Table

This Lego Table was made, created and a part of Gumtree's #UpcycleRevolution campaign. Before making this item, I had never up-cycled any items, I failed with glue and hated paint however after making this table, I believe anyone can get involved and make something new out of anything old.
What is going to happen to this Lego Table? Well it is off to be sold on Gumtree. Any money which is made will be donated to National Portage Association who help children under 5. The National Portage Association have helped Maxwell in many ways and we would love to raise as much money for them as possible.  If you love this post and think that it appreciates a little love, I would love you to donate to our chosen Charity. If you need any help creating this table please email I will be happy to help.


  1. Love this idea- my son is lego mad !


  2. That is amazing, My son loves lego but tends to get it everywhere - I wish it came in ziplock bags!! so the bucket is a blinking brilliant idea!!!!

  3. that is a really nice project and I'm sure any child would love it

  4. This is such a great idea, really creative. I'm trying to get my son into Lego so hopefully one day he'll love something like this.

  5. This is an amazing idea for any lego fan!

  6. Love it! That is such a fantastic idea!

  7. I love the upcycling of things. Brings out the creative side in you. Lovely lego table!

  8. This is amazing, you have done a great job! I want to make one

  9. What a fantastic idea, might have to try this


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