Thinking of the Future

Sometimes I sit and wonder what will become of the country in the years to come, we've just had a huge decision made about our government that will affect all of us in this country, though time will tell how. I wonder what effect it might have on Maxwell as he grows up.

I have always hoped that Maxwell will follow the right paths in life. I have hoped and dreamed that he will have a well paid job, he will have a stable unit around him and eventually he will own his own home. I have always believed that through life you have to work hard to achieve what you dream of.

But sometimes the world around us is not always black and white, sometimes issues which develop around us are  issues that affect only us and sometimes they are bigger issues that can change the whole country. I can of course look out for Maxwell with the issues that affect only him, but those that affect all of us are harder to cope with and dealing with them can be hard for a whole portion of the country. If houses are hard to come by now, what will it be like when Maxwell is old enough to have a home of his own, will the NHS still be around to support him when and if he has children in the future, will permanent jobs still be around and will the pay from a job meet his living needs?

Maxwell is a year away from starting school and I would love to see Maxwell pass out of school with good qualifications, lots of friends and a idea of what he want's from life. I hope he will go into secondary education to build up the correct skills to get a well paid job however if he decides not to do this I hope he has a idea of what job he would like to go straight into, what business he may like to start or his own or a idea of a apprenticeship that he may like to take part in. If this is not the case then I will be there to support him and help him try and make the right choices in life.

Sometimes I wonder about turning to services such as TheCircle to get a glimpse of the future. I would love a tarot card reading to see how Maxwell may progress in life but sometimes its just nice to wait and see what happens and let life surprise you.

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