Downloadable Picture Card - Fruit

Recently Maxwell has been having speech therapy. At speech therapy they often use picture cards with Maxwell and I wanted him to benefit from using some at home. I searched the internet high and low for some picture cards which would fit into our routine at home however I was unable to find any so I decided that I would make my own downloadable picture cards. I have decided to make this into a little weekly blog read for my readers and I hope to start sharing 1 set of picture cards every week. At the present moment they will be basic but as time goes on I plan to make them harder. For the first set I created, I decided to focus on fruit.

Downloadable Picture Card - Fruit

This picture card would work perfectly for not only children with language delays and developmental delays but it would also be fun to take to the supermarket. This picture card can not only act like a learning tool but it can also act as a game. Why not use at the supermarket to spot the fruit down the supermarket aisle with your children?

If you would like to download this week's picture card you are able to download it from here. Once downloaded the picture should fit onto A4 paper when you go to print.

I am more than happy for my readers to start downloading any picture cards I create for Maxwell and every week I shall leave a link to any picture cards that I create however all that I ask is that no-one copies my work.

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