5 For Under £5

5 For Under £5

These cones look fantastic for those who have active kids. These cones would be perfect for Maxwell to use when he is playing football with his Daddy and when he is learning to do new things on his bike, I thought these were a brilliant size and a great price.

Maxwell adores decorating the pavement with chalk in the summer and I thought these chalks were priced at a good price. We get through a lot of giant chalk over the summer. All you need to do is store these in a old lunchbox and they will provide hours of entertainment.

I remember having this game as a child and it brought me hours of entertainment. I think the price of this game is reasonable. This game can be taken to family days out. It would be brilliant to use at the park or at the beach.

These are more of a swimming toy however they would be perfect to use in the paddling pool also. Maxwell had this type of toy last year and we found that they were great fun!

I remember having one of these as a child. I was gifted one when I visited our local circus when they were in town. Using this toy was entertaining however I also learnt a new skill when using this toy. Guaranteed  to bring hours of fun this is my favourite item out of my 5 for under £5 this week.

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  1. I used to love circus toys, was quite good with a diablo and spinning plate


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