Claim Tax Relief If You Wear A Uniform For Work

WARNING - If you are wanting to claim now - as of the 12/04/2015 you are able to back date from the tax year ending 5 April 2012, you must claim before 5 April 2016.

In early January I made it my mission to try and save money. So far I have done pretty well with this mission and slowly but surely I am managing to rake small amounts of cash back. In turn I am managing to save this money and spend it on things that normally we would be unable to afford.

Since Ben and I have been together, I have always known him to wear a uniform to work. This uniform is washed by our household and ironed in our household. After a little thought it got me thinking about how much money we actually spend on washing and drying work items as well as ironing them.

After a little research on the internet I found that we may be entitled to a small amount of money back from HMRC. I found that they do back date payments up to 4 years so I decided to write HMRC a letter.

In the letter I included;

Ben's full name and address
Ben's national insurance number
Ben's tax code
The name and address of Ben's workplace
Ben's job title
What we were claiming for - (laundering his uniform)
That we would like any money claimed to be returned to him via cheque

The letter took me just 10 minutes to write up and print off, it also only cost me the price of a 2nd class stamp to send the letter to HMRC.

After 3 months we finally heard back from HMRC via a letter and we got a cheque through the post with a sum of £10.27. Although this does not sound a lot, it was money which we were without and money which we were entitled to. In my eyes the money is better off in our pockets than HMRC.

I wrote this post to encourage others to see what they are entitled to. Others may be entitled to more, I have heard stories where people have had over £100 sent through the post so for the price of a stamp it is something which I would encourage others to do.

Have you claimed Tax Relief? Was your claim a success?

Please note - This post was written based on my own experience's. I believe all information is correct at the time of writing and publishing this post. 


  1. I did this a couple of years ago after seeing it on the union board at work. I got £37 back (cheque). And since then i get it taken off the tax I pay every year.

  2. will check if my partner knows about this thankyou x

  3. I have heard of similar and agree we should claim back everything we can! Thanks for linking up to fabulouslyfrugal.


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