A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

I have not written one of these posts for quite a while. Maxwell has been up to a lot of things since I last write one of these posts. Maxwell had a lovely Easter and is starting to enjoy the beautiful hot weather we are getting at the present moment. 
  1. Maxwell had a lovely Easter and got up to lots of things
  2. Maxwell has a new playroom
  3. Maxwell's speech is slowly improving
  4. Maxwell has become obsessed with Happyland toys
  5. Maxwell has been enjoying the beautiful weather
Over Easter  I blogged less and spent more time with Maxwell. Maxwell managed to spend a lot of time with our family and visited places such as the sea front, the farm, the arcades and he even got to go and see Octonauts at the theatre which he adored. For anyone thinking about taking their children to go and see the Octonauts at the theatre, I can reccomend going to watch. The show was bright colourful, fun and Maxwell obsessed over the penguin! I would love to take Maxwell to go and watch it again.

Over the past few months I have been working hard on our home and finally I have managed to create Maxwell a playroom out in our conservatory. So far he loves it out there due to the fact he has a huge sofa to lounge on whilst playing with his toys. I am looking forward to using the room in the summer as it will be warm out there and Maxwell will be able to move from the conservatory to the garden easily and play with all his toys.

Maxwell's speech is slowly improving however he is often getting frustrated that he is unable to speak in sentences and he is only able to communicate with single words. At the present moment Maxwell is seeing his speech therapist on a regular basis and the help that Maxwell has in place is very useful in helping Maxwell develop.

Maxwell has grown a new obsession and that is Happyland Toys. Happyland toys are so expensive so I spent a week searching the internet looking for second hand ones however I found that they were also expensive so recently Maxwell, Ben and  I have been visiting car boot sales and picking up bits and pieces. Although we do not have lots of proper sets, Maxwell adores playing with all the little bits and pieces he has now and is looking to find a farm set and a train set. 

The weather has been beautiful and it has meant that Maxwell has been able to get out in the garden and play, go on his bike on bike rides and he has also been able to play at the park. He has adored playing football with his Daddy and we have enjoyed visiting 4 of our local parks in the last week. I hope the weather continues to stay nice so Maxwell can play in his paddling pool soon!

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  1. my daughter loves happyland too they are very expensive, she has only ever received the sets as gifts


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