50 Things That Make Me Happy

Recently I was tagged in a post by Bex over at Futures asking me to take part in the tag "50 things that make me happy". Below are the fifty things that make me happy...

1| Spending time with my family
2| Watching Maxwell develop into a incredible little human
3| Having a tidy home
4| Going in the car on drives with Maxwell and Ben
5| Yankee candles

6| The beautiful area that I live in
7| Music - Especially songs which have meanings
8| Using coupons on most of my food buys
9| Playing with Maxwell outdoors when the weather is nice
10| Sunny, windy, cool days

11| Nice food
12| True friends who are always there
13| Learning new ways to save money
14| Daily phone calls from my Mum
15| Knowing that people around me are happy and content

16| Going to the theatre with Maxwell and Ben
17| Seeing childhood toys/objects that bring back happy memories
18| Towie 
19| Positive talk about curvy/plus size people
20| Not paying full price for anything in life

21| One Direction - Without Zayne the pain
22| Positive talk about people with ginger hair
23| Cutting any monthly bills
24| Dancing with Maxwell
25| Clean washing - especially bedding

26| Stock pilling items which normally have a big price tag
27| Having the occasional date night/day with Ben
28| Helping people who are worse off than myself
29| Opportunities which have come from this little blog of mine
30| Late night shopping on the internet

31| When Maxwell watches YouTube videos in English and not in languages no one else understands
32| Obsessing over things - In turn makes me complete tasks quicker
33| Watching soaps in the evening with Ben
34| Ben working day's instead of nights
35| Decluttering 

36| People that say please and thank you - I dislike people who have no manners
37| Sharing deals with good friends
38| Fast and furious films
39| Having holidays/days out to look forward to 
40| Feeling reassured that Maxwell know's I am here if he needs me

41| Having and playing on gadgets
42| Not having to take the bins out
43| Spoiling Maxwell
44| Walking around carboot sales and picking up gems
45| Entering competitions

46| Having the time to blog
47| Snuggling up on the sofa on cold days with Ben and Maxwell
48| Drinking fresh apple juice/fruit juice
49| Being motivated to do exercise
50| Creating memories which money can not buy

I tag Sarah over at Life In A Break Down to do this tag as well as Rebecca over at Mum Of A Premature Baby! What things make you happy?


  1. lovely post, I think I would struggle to think of 50

  2. OOh you make me happy, what a lovely post!!


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