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Now we are in spring, I have been busy doing up our home. I have added canvas's to our walls, painted different parts of our home, made the garden look a lot cleaner and I have done other jobs such as sand down Maxwell's toy box. There is of course still a lot of things to do so this week I took a look at DIY items which cost less than £5. I was surprised at all the bargains I managed to find.

Buckets are always handy items in our household. We use them washing the car, washing the floors, doing gardening and even when cleaning the house. We own a lot of buckets that have different uses. I thought this bucket was a bargain. It is from a good quality brand and I love the fact it has a metal handle which makes it easy to move around the house.

This is a brilliant item which is perfect to keep on the top of your tool box or even in your pocket. With 13 different uses, it is useful for many jobs. Having it near by could potentially save you time looking for different tools.

I always find these type of screwdrivers are super to use when I am putting flat pack furniture together. With 14 pieces in this set, £3.99 is a good little bargain which will come in handy.

I thought this was a great bargain! I am always looking for boxes to store my DIY items. This box is small but big enough to fit all your DIY belongings in. I keep mine in a easy to reach place in the shed. It has 2 layers and once my first one is full, I shall be purchasing another.

I always have 2 screwdriver sets in my tool box as I often find that if one is missing I have a back up or when setting up flat pack furniture, 2 of us can be putting the furniture together rather than one as we both have the necessary tools to do the job.

*Please note that these items do not offer free delivery when buying them unlike other items that I share. When you spend £10 on Amazon on selected items you will get free delivery. All these items are included in the selected items to get free delivery when you spend £10 or more.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, some really good value things there.

  2. some really cheap items there, buckets are usually quite expensive


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