5 for under £5

This weeks 5 for under £5 features items which are travel essentials. We are now in spring and many people are preparing for their summer holidays so I thought it would be a great idea to share items which are not only cheap but items which are needed by may.

These adapters are always handy to have, I would be lost without one when going away. Having one of these enables me to use my straighteners, phone charger and other electrical items. All I have to do is simply use this adapter in a foreign plug socket and it enables me to have a compatible plug socket like we have in the UK.

I think selfie sticks are fun! This selfie stick would be brilliant for travelling as it would easily capture any fun photo's that you may want to take. Photo's go on to bring back memories later in life so why not capture those fun holiday memories? 

Airlines can often be fussy when it comes to having liquid on planes so why not purchase these bottles? The bottles can be used over and over again and will end up saving you money in the long run.  There is nothing worse than having to buy items when away that you already have at home.

Since having Maxwell  I always tend to carry a small first aid kit in my bag. Maxwell often fulls over and a antiseptic wipe along with a plaster can be handy at times.

I love the idea of these little tablets which turn into towels with the splash of water. I think these would be the perfect item which would enable you to freshen up on your travel journeys.

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