5 for under £5

This week's 5 for under £5 features lots of little bits that will be helpful when preparing lunch. I always try my best to give Maxwell a creative lunch, here is a few items which I sometimes use to give him a lunch that sounds out from the crowd.

This mould is cute to add chocolate or rice to to create a little animal figure. I adore the design of this set. The chicken would be a nice addition to any lunchbox this Easter.

I always find these silicone cases to be very handy. They are great to add items in such as apple or grapes. They are simple to keep clean and are easy to replace when you need to.

I love using cookie cutters in Maxwell's lunch box. I love making shapes with his food and he enjoys eating it - he especially loves stars. I prefer getting plastic cookie cutters as they never seem to go bad unlike the metal ones.

I think these little message boards are cute. On your child's special day. Whether that be a exam day, a school play or a day where you just want to wish them luck, why not send them a mini message to show them that you are thinking of them and that you care.

I adore the concept of this little guard. Maxwell sometimes has squashed bananas in his bag so this handy little gadget stop me wasting money with having to throw bananas away because they have gone bad.


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