Winning Wednesay

January was a slow month for me. I did not win as much as I normally win in a month due to the fact I barely entered any competitions and also I found that there were not as many competitions around as there normally are. The prizes that I did win, I was very happy with.

Munchkin Bubble Blower
I was extremely happy to win this as Maxwell adores bubbles at the present moment. He loves to have big bubble baths and blow bubbles around our home so I know he will adore playing with this when we get it.

£50 Tesco Gift Card
I was so happy to win this. It came at a great time and I have used it to buy lots of nice pieces for our home. I was allowed to choose any gift card of my choice however this one seemed to fit well with our spending. I would love to win a few more of these this year.

Kabuto Noodles
I have never tried these noodles before but since winning them I can confirm they taste great! I love winning food prizes as it normally means I get to try new foods and if we like them  I often decide to buy them again when I see them on offer. I will be buying our family more of these!

Democare Plasters
This was a small little win but a handy little win. Since receiving our prize Maxwell is obsessed with the detailed pictures and loves to stick the plasters on himself. He has gone as far as sticking them on himself and using them as stickers.

Halfords Winter Car Set
This was a handy little win for Ben to have. Ben either works really early mornings or late nights and often comes back to a frosted, cold car. This little set has proven to be very handy for him!


  1. lots of good prizes!


  2. Well done you! some great prizes, I always love giftcards and vouchers and food wins also, I am waiting for delivery of a recipe box from riverford, cant wait!

  3. Well Done! I think I've I'm in a prize drought since before Christmas!


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