Boots Advantage Card

Over the past few months I have managed to get £60 on my Boots Advantage Card. I am saving my points up for a rainy day, either when Maxwell needs nappies/toiletries or for Christmas. You can use a Boots Advantage Card in-store/online and you are able to collect points on everything except for infant's milk, prescriptions, stamps, mobile top ups and gift vouchers. You can earn up to 4 points per £1 which is worth 4p. To get the most out of your Boots Card, here are a few ideas with how you are able to gain more points:

Use the Boots ATM
In the larger boots stores you will be able to find 'Extra offers kiosk'. Before shopping visit it with your Boots Advantage card and you will be able to see lots of offers which are catered to you. You are immediately able to print out the discount vouchers and use them when you go to pay for your shopping.

Mega Points Weekends
Boots sometimes has 'mega weekends', either online or in-store where if you spend £50, you get 1,000 extra points (worth £10). If you are doing a big shop for example £150 worth split your shop into 3 so you are able to get the best deal.
I wait for these deals to stock up on things. I always have a stock pile of nappies and wipes which I manage to buy cheaper than the normal RRP.

Check the Advantage card magazine
Always look in the in-store Advantage magazine for points coupons or money off products. Recently I used a coupon to get a mascara for £2 yet it was worth £6 which saved me £4. The magazine is free if you have a boots card.

Join a club
Both the Boots Parenting Club and Healthclub For Over 60s send mail outs or give special offers for relevant goods. We are often sent deals to use against nappies, wipes and toiletries. The parenting club also gives 10 points for every £1 spent on baby products


  1. I love boots advantage card!


  2. I always forget to use the little ATM machine in Boots, thanks for the reminder! And I have to say, I don't often pick up the magazine so I'll do that from now one. It's a great card though, the best return of all the loyalty cards around.

  3. Thanks for this, I have a card but always forget to use it, I'm going to make more of an effort now.

  4. I always save towards Christmas, we have been stocking up on nappies for our baby due in April and the points have stacked up really quickly


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