5 for under £5

It is half term next week and something which I love to do with Maxwell is get creative. This week's 5 for under £5 is craft related and features craft items which you can purchase for under £5!

I always find that lolly sticks are great fun to make other things with. I have made a plane out of sticks before, a little boat and little stars for Christmas. I love the bright colours of these, they are great for children. 

Maxwell is obsessed with wiggly eyes and I have bought a few packs of these myself. Maxwell loves to add eyes to socks to create sock puppets and he often like to add them to wooden spoons to make spoon people.

I always find that we need glue sticks when doing crafts and I thought these were a fantastic price so I decided to share them. You can never have enough glue when it comes to crafts.

I find that paper always comes in handy when doing crafts. It is fantastic to make things with but it is also great to colour on, paint on, craft on and is a cheap item to buy.

Maxwell loves these little fluffy pom poms. They are great to make little crafts out of and can be stuck to one another with glue. Maxwell has created animals out of them but more recently has tried to create people out of them with the help of Mummy.


  1. Love Pom Poms there are endless crafting opportunities

  2. What fantastic items....All fab prices too x

  3. These are a good things to do in the school hols when the weather isn't too good

  4. My eldest loves crafts and will go through any crafty bits so quick. I love the fact you get quite a bit for your money. Thanks.

  5. some great finds, I have been looking at budget activities recently, these look ideal

  6. My daughter calls googly eyes "bloobly eyes", the people in the shop love it when she asks for them and thinks they should be renamed!!


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