A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell has enjoyed seeing Nanny and Grandad this week
  2. Maxwell has been enjoying our early morning walks to preschool
  3. Maxwell has a small obsession with taking items to bed
  4. Maxwell has a new "favorite" song
  5. Maxwell has settled into full days at preschool well
This week Maxwell spent some time with Nanny and Grandad. He went to visit them for the afternoon and whilst doing he had lots of fun with them. His favourite activity with them was going to the soft play. Anyone who know's Maxwell know's he has lots of energy, Maxwell was in the ball pit for over 2 hours and when asked to leave he did not want to! He went for a nice walk with them after and was extremely happy to see them. 

Ben started a new job at the start of the year which means he is not working nights any more, it is great for our family life however Maxwell and I are having to get up early and having to walk to preschool. I thought Maxwell would end up getting very tired as it means he has to walk over a mile a day however he has been super about it and loves the long walk to preschool and back. The frosty mornings can be cold but its great to get lost of fresh air.

For a while now Maxwell has had a small obsession about putting objects in to his bed. First of all he just had cuddly toys in there but over a short amount of time it has turned into a magazine rack, a soft toy zoo, a car park and a sticker book! I hope Maxwell grows out of his obsession soon as it can be a nightmare taking all the objects up and down the stairs in the morning/evenings.

Maxwell has never really showed a strong interest in mainstream music however he adores the new song "up town funk". Maxwell often hears it in the radio in our car and can be heard muttering the chorus and humming along to the tune. Maxwell loves to dance to the song and often claps his hands and shakes a few moves out in our living room if it comes on the radio or TV when we are at home.

I did think it would take Maxwell a while to adjust to long days at preschool however he has adjusted well and makes very little fuss at all about being at preschool all day instead of half days, 2 days a week.  Maxwell is getting on very well, his speech is improving, he is gaining more knowledge every day and is a very happy, cheerful little boy. 


  1. my 3 year old is always filling her bed with plastic toys hehe, love that hat!

  2. He looks super cute and I love his hat


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