A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

I have not written a post about Maxwell in weeks. I promise that I will continue to keep you updated on his progress, I have just been having a small break over the Christmas period.
Maxwell has come on leaps and bounds since Christmas and Maxwell is continuing to learn every day. He is turning into a well manned little boy and his speech is coming on well.

  1. Maxwell can not stop singing songs
  2. Maxwell is obsessed with "baby"
  3. Maxwell has been spoilt this month 
  4. Maxwell has started to go to preschool for full days
  5. Maxwell has been unwell
Over Christmas and into the New Year Maxwell has enjoyed singing songs. He loves to make them into his own and we have recently had versions of twinkle twinkle baby star, bendy finger how are you and ra ra black sheep. I am unsure how Maxwell comes up with these creative songs however they are quite funny to listen to. I am sure Maxwell will continue to make up more songs - I will keep you updated.

Last year we reviewed a baby Annabel which was the boys version. Maxwell adored the doll however after a few weeks the doll was forgotten about however over the past few weeks Maxwell has started to take a interest in him again. Maxwell calls the doll baby and baby has to go everywhere - when  I say everywhere I mean Tesco, out in the car, to bed and even to preschool. Baby has also taken part in a lot of activities. His latest activity is playing with Maxwell's cars.

Maxwell has been incredibly spoilt this month. He has been bought plenty of new toys as well as new clothes. Maxwell adores all his new purchases and its lovely to see him getting involved with lots of new things. Maxwell was bought a kitchen for Christmas and so far, he spends most of his spare time making me tea, meals with his wooden food as well as baking things with his wooden cake mixer.

Last week Maxwell went back to preschool and started going for full days. It was hard and I cried over the fact that I was leaving my little boy for 6 hours instead of 3 hours in someone else's care however Maxwell has adjusted well and I had needed not to worry as Maxwell has been having a fab time. He has not cried once when we have left him and he understands that we will pick him up later in the day instead of at lunchtime. I hope Maxwell's positive reaction to preschool will continue. 

Before Christmas, Maxwell got ill. He was ill for several weeks and needed time off preschool. It meant we both got very little sleep and it meant that we had to visit the doctors. Maxwell got better however a few weeks after his first illness, he is now unwell again. This time he has a cold and a bad cough which is keeping him awake, I hope his illness does not worsen and he gets back to his little old self in no time.

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