5 For Under £5

This weeks 5 for under £5 is to get ready for the new year spring clean. Maybe it is me but I adore cleaning at the start of the new year. I love to bin items which we haven't used in the last 6 months,  I love to gift stuff, Ebay stuff and even donate to my local charity shop. 

5 for under £5

I thought these would be a great idea for those with children that still use bottles. These bottle cleaners were great when Maxwell was smaller and we found that they were good at getting in all the tiny spaces which a cloth was unable to reach. We spent £10 on one brush alone when Maxwell was smaller so these are a bargain,

I have one of these for my house and I believe it is a excellent item to have around the home. I am fairly small so having one of these is perfect for me as it extends so I can reach hard places. I hate cobwebs so this item is fantastic at getting them down.

This is item is a little item which can be useful around homes. These removers are fab if you have any old looking clothes as this item makes them new. I think this is a fab price for this item.

We often have a lot of condensation in our conservatory and we have found these bags to help the condensation out there. They are a great price and a handy item to have if you have condensation around the home.

10 magic eraser sponges - £3.45 with free delivery
The magic erasers are fab. Maxwell has the odd accident around the house with a pen and I find that these sponges are fab to get pen off household items, off walls and in general are great at getting rid of hard stubborn stains.

Do you enjoy doing a new year clean? What are your top cleaning items that cost under £5?

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