Wilko Play Wooden Guitar Review

For anyone that reads my blog, they will know how much Maxwell adores music. Maxwell is now at the stage where he loves to dance to music, loves to make music and he also adores to sing to music. For Christmas this year I have been looking around for items which he can make music with. I have been looking for something which is hard wearing and something which will last. After searching around on the internet I managed to find the Wilko Play Wooden Guitar.

The Wilko Play Wooden Guitar arrived a few weeks ago and since having it in our home Maxwell has been having a lot of fun with it. From the word go, Maxwell fell in love with it. When we received the Wilko Play Wooden Guitar it was presented in a little box, the packaging was simple and easy to open which was perfect as I normally struggle to get toys out of there packaging. This can normally leave Maxwell and I feeling frustrated, frustrated on  Maxwell's behalf as he wants to play with his toy straight away and frustrated on my behalf as picking toys out of packing is not fun. 

Once the packaging was open Maxwell and I were presented with a bright coloured wooden guitar. The guitar looked like a lot of fun and looked like the perfect size for Maxwell to use. After tightening the loose strings on Maxwell's guitar and rearranging the strings which only took a matter of minutes, Maxwell was ready to use it.

Maxwell instantly took to pinging the 4 strings on the guitar. In a short space of time, Maxwell learnt that each string made a different sound and he learnt the guitar made fantastic sounds. Maxwell was in his element of making his own fantastic music. 

Previously Maxwell had a plastic small guitar which did not last long, this was due to the cheap materials that it was made out of however it is clear to see that the Wilko Play Wooden Guitar  is made to last. The outer is made of wood and instead of plastic strings which I see often on childrens play guitars, the strings are made of metal.

The Wilko Play Wooden Guitar is priced at just £13 however it is on special offer at the present moment for £10. I think this is the perfect price to pay, it is a high quality item, is a lot of fun for children and it is very eye catching. Wilko offer other wooden musical items, together with their fabulous wooden guitar your child could be making lots of happy music this Christmas.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the above products for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.


  1. Thanks for a great review, will definitely be looking for one for my grandchildren - am sure they'd love their own band x

  2. I love wooden toys...This looks like a lot of fun! Great review x

  3. Aww he's such a cutie. The guitar is so cheap, and the bright colours will attract children x

  4. Wooden toys are so much more practical, they are actually made to be played with rather than to look nice like so many plastic toys. I love the bright colours of this one.

  5. nice to know this is available on the high street.

  6. Love this, very colourful. Loving Wilko at the moment.


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