Our Christmas 2014

This Christmas I have neglected my blog a little. Normally every Christmas I am busy, stress and do not sit down however I wanted this Christmas to be different. I wanted to relax so I started planning ahead in October and had finished most of my to do list by December. Next year I will be planning ahead again as in the end we had a lovely Christmas which was mostly stress free.

In the run up to Christmas we didn't do anything "magical" as such with Maxwell due to him being ill. A few weeks before Christmas Maxwell went down ill with a cold which worsened and it meant a lot of sleepless nights. Because of this Maxwell missed a week of preschool and missed meeting Santa which he was very upset about as he had written him a letter, however there was very little we could do about it and in the end managed to get a video created for Maxwell from Santa which Maxwell loved.

With the run up to Christmas Ben managed to work 10 days straight which meant we had little family time to do much so me and Maxwell spent our days doing simple things like going to the park, doing crafts at home and more importantly playing with all his new toys which he got for his Birthday.

Christmas Eve was exciting. It was fantastic to see Maxwell's little face all excited due to the fact that Santa was coming. This year is the first year in which Maxwell has started to understand who Santa is and it was lovely to see how excited he was. He wanted to talk to Santa a lot before Santa arrived so took to talking to Santa on his mobile. Maxwell loved his Christmas Eve box and it is something which we will continue to do for years to come.

Christmas Eve saw Ben and I build Maxwell his very large kitchen. It took us 3 hours to build however Maxwell's face on Christmas morning was a picture. Maxwell did not want to open any of his presents as he was far to excited to play with his kitchen. Maxwell also obsessed over a toothbrush from the Disney store which was in his stocking as well as some toy cars. He was thrilled with his presents and is looking forward to using them all in the next few days.

Our Christmas Day was broken up into 2 parts - Christmas lunch at my sisters with my parents and Christmas dinner at Ben's parents with his Nan. We had a lovely Christmas and we enjoyed seeing all our family. Christmas dinner was lovely and it was a Christmas which I will go on to remember. We were all spoilt and came away with a lot of presents and money. Ben has already purchased a Ipad mini and Maxwell has managed to buy a few new toys for his kitchen however I am stuck on what to spend my money on so if any one has any useful ideas please leave a comment below.

Finally we celebrated Boxing day with my family but before seeing my family we also headed to the sales. Unfortunately there was not a lot in the sales which I wanted to buy. This was quite disappointing as I was looking forward to the sales however mid January I will have another look in the sales when stuff has been reduced again meaning I may be more tempted to buy something if it is at a better price.

For the next few days we will be catching up on sleep and spending more time together. I will start posting more and I am looking forward to seeing others Christmas posts. Did you have a lovely Christmas?


  1. Sounds like a lovely a christmas. I too neglected my blog in favour of family time x

  2. buy some new clothes - thats what im doing with my money! :)

  3. Pam Francis Gregory29 December 2014 at 11:37

    Sounds like you had a great time - take the time to enjoy it!


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