Hooded Owls Review

A few weeks ago I was sent a lovely email asking would I like to receive a surprise gift in the post. At the time I had no clue what the item would be and if I am honest I was a little worried what it would be. I had needed not to worry as last week a special box was delivered to my home and inside was a beautiful gift for Maxwell. Inside the box we were greeted with a Hooded Owls Towel.

The Towel was wrapped carefully in a sheet of green tissue paper, the  paper was held with a small Hooded Owls logo sticker. I carefully unwrapped the tissue paper to be greeted with a large white fluffy towel which had a unique ribbon trim around the hood. The unique trim which was on the towel was a lovely tractor design.

When I saw the tractor design and instantly thought it was suitable for Maxwell. Maxwell adores anything farm related and is a real little boy when it comes to moving vehicles. The trim was brightly coloured and the design was simple. I instantly knew that Maxwell would love using his new towel at bath time that evening.

Bath time arrived and when bath time was over I grabbed the towel to dry Maxwell with. The towel being 100% cotton meant that is was absorbent of the water and Maxwell managed to get dry quickly. Maxwell has recently been fixated on having a hood up after he has had a bath and without one he often gets teary. I have recently been using his towels which he has had since he was a baby however they have seen better days and have been getting on the small side for him to use. Maxwell put his hood up immediately on his new Hooded Owl's towel and was extremely happy. I laid Maxwell down in his towel so I could dress him and I noticed that the towel was snugly and was a great fit for my growing child.

I was extremely impressed with the Hooded Owl's towel. The design was well thought out and I have believe that the Hooded Owl's towel will last Maxwell a few years thanks to its generous sizing. I found that towel was unique and I will be taking the Hooded Owl's towel on our next holiday with us.

The Hooded Owl's towel which we were sent cost's just £25 which I think is a reasonable price for such a lovely, luxurious towel. I loved the idea of it coming in a gift box, this makes it a brilliant idea to gift to a loved one this Christmas. I think Maxwell will get many uses out of it our Hooded Owl towel and it will be a nice item to take out and about with us. If you are interested in purchasing a Hooded Owl's towel you are able to buy them here.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the above products for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.

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