Rockface Men's Range Review

At Christmas I always find that men are hard to buy for. Most of the men in my family love toiletries and at Christmas they often receive many men's gift sets. Last year Ben managed to rack up 5 gift sets which is pretty impressive however all of the gift sets were the same and in the end Ben got board of using them. This Christmas instead of getting gift sets for the men in your life why not consider the Rockface Men's range?

Over the past few weeks, Ben has been trying out the Rockface Men's range. Ben is someone who often likes to try new products. Although he likes to stick to what he knows, he is always open to trying something new. He know's what looks good and he often tell's me what feels good on his skin, what scents he likes and how good the product is. 

Rockface make 8 different products, all of which Ben has tried over the past few weeks.

Shave Gel
Ben is not a fan of shave gel normally as he prefers shaving foam however he got on well with this gel. This gel delivers an extra-thick creamy foam with active cooling and moisturising ingredients. 200 ml - £4.25

Shave Butter
Out of all the products, this is the product which Ben would use the least. This product is designed for softening and preparing the skin for a clean shave. 75 ml - £4.99

Active Body Spray
Ben often enjoys freshening up with body spray before work and at the weekends, on his days off. This is a great addition to add to his collection of scents. The fragrance smells great and reminds me of a citrus sort of smell. This is the perfect product to use with Rockface 48 hour deodorant. 150 ml - £3.49

All Weather Moisturiser
A rich all weather moisturiser with added shea butter to help protect, energise the skin and to help reduce UV impact. This is a great product for those that work outside or enjoy sports such as sailing. Some moisturisers can be extremely oily but this is not the case with the Rockface all weather moisturiser. 100 ml - £5.49

Face and Body Scrub
This is the perfect treat for you skin which can be used once a week. When using this product you will feel refreshed. This product is perfect to clear away the dead skin cells, it will leave your skin feeling smooth and healthy. 150 ml - £4.99

Post Shave Balm
This smoothing balm is specially formulated with allantoin and aloe vera to hydrate and soothe skin after shaving. Ben found this was a great product, if your skin gets irritated after shaving the post shave balm will be a definite hit. 100 ml - £4.99

Anti-perspirant Deodorant
Ben loves to stay clean and fresh, he always finds it important to smell good. It keeps you fresh for 48 hours. This anti-perspirant deodrant has a nice fragrance of citrus. The smell is not over powering. It is a great product to team up with the Active Body Spray. 150 ml - £2.99

Shower Wash
This product offers 2 uses - To clean hair as well as the body. Ben head can often get irritated when using some sorts of shampoo however since using this shampoo he has had no trouble at all. This is the perfect item to add to a going away bag. 200 ml - £3.73

Overall Ben was impressed with not only the quality of the products from the Rockface range but also the price. He found that the products met up to his expectations and he actually thought the products would be priced a little higher. Ben believes these would make perfect stocking fillers this Christmas. The great thing about Rockface is that all items can be purchased separate so you are able to mix and match the products to suit tastes, You can buy Rockface products from Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Superdrug and also online from their website. 

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the above products for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.

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