Life Changes....

Maxwell is now coming up to the age of 3 years old and I will soon be hitting the age of 23. I have managed to make it through the "hard years" of bringing up a baby with Ben by my side, on one minimum wage. Along the way  I have been comping my heart out for treats, blogging my way for some sort of future and learning how to make the most out of vouchers, glitches and imported bargains.

I strongly believe these 3 years would have been hard if Ben and I had not managed money as well as we have done. Every month we have always made sure our bills are paid, we have made sure there is food on the table for us to eat and more importantly we have always ensured we have had a roof over our heads, which provides warmth and shelter for Maxwell.

We have struggled, but not struggled with the daily essentials. Instead we choose to miss out on the luxuries in life. We have missed going to Peppa Pig world at Christmas because the entrance fee was more than 2 weeks worth of food shopping, we have missed out on holidays, choosing not to get into debt for a week in the sun, we have missed out on getting the latest "in trend" clothes and have ended up buying the £2 reduced stickered T shirt in Tesco, Next and Gap because frankly £15 for a T shirt with a brand name is a rip off and more importantly we have had budget Birthdays and Christmas's.

At the present moment I am in the frame of mind where I want more than what I have been given in life. I want my life to be a success, not one where I am scrapping along with holes in my leggings due to the fact I can wear holey leggings in the house and no-one will notice.  I want to be able to fulfill the dream of going on a plane just once because I have never been one in my life. I want to eventually own my own home and be able to leave this earth knowing I have left my son a large bit of security in life.

In the last 3 years I have learnt so many lessons when it comes to money. Lessons which I would love to go on to share with you. My motto in life is to never pay full price and when buying items, shop around or wait for the best deals.

Starting from today, maybe it is the year where my life changes.....


  1. Good luck to you, you deserve it xx

  2. Good luck with your changes.

  3. I know how you feel, I have spent the last 10 years working and scrimping just to get by, its really tough! wishing you all the best

  4. I don't think it is a case of going without, it's a case of not going with! I was brought up on a tight budget with no foreign holidays, treats most often declined and fashion did not exist but we had a fabulous childhood and now my mother is a pensioner she has her own roof over her head, a good pension left by my father and I never have to worry about her being able to pay her heating bills. My parents could have travelled the world, partied every night, bought us expensive toys and spent their time wondering how to pay the bills but they were sensible and as a result secure. There is so much living the high life nowadays but I seriously doubt if the majority of these people are saving for a rainy day or paying into a pension scheme, they are just leaving a hefty problem for today's children to deal with in the future. You are awesome because you spend your time trying to improve your little lot and you will go on many planes in the future because finances will ease a little and you will be able to get to the airport to go on all those holidays you are going to win. You are a success and your future is bright!


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