Hi-Tec Dubois 200 Waterproof Women's Winter Boots

At Christmas I always love to receive new shoes. In the past I have always been after shoes which are stylish but are not practical to wear on a daily basis. Since Maxwell is set to attend preschool a lot more in January, this Christmas I have been in search for a pair of shoes which will protect my feet in the colder weather. Recently I was lucky enough to receive a pair of Hi-Tech Dubois 200 Waterproof women's winter boots.

Hi-Tech pride themselves on producing lightweight, quality, comfortable footwear. They also produce a wide range of footwear to suit individual needs. When creating footwear Hi-Tech focus on styles that are practical, stylish, colourful and great value.

I decided to pick the Dubois 200 Waterproof women's winter boots due to there fabulous features. I was impressed with the colour of them and the style of them. The coal and charcoal colour goes with most of my outfits that I wear and due to the boots being dark in colour I do not think they will show any mud or dirt up easily. I liked the style of the boots as they were the perfect style to allow me to tuck my leggings in and they were also the perfect style to keep my feet warm and dry in bad weather and icy and snowy conditions.

The Dubois 200 I Waterproof boot feature Thinsulate Insulation which traps in the heat to keep your feet warm during the colder months. This is one of the best features for me as I often get cold feet in the winter and I end up not being able to feel my toes. The boots feature Dri-Tec waterproof membrane will keep you feet and socks dry, this feature is perfect when it is snowing and raining, I find there is nothing worse than having to walk around with wet socks. The boots lastly feature winter traction outsole which help you stay grounded in wet or icy conditions. This feature is great, in the winter I have to walk through a walkway which is often filled with leaves. I have recently slipped more than once on these leaves so I am glad that  I now have a pair of shoes which will help me stay grounded.

Since wearing the boots I have been extremely impressed. Not only do I wear these boots to preschool but I have also worn them around the New Forest when out on walks and I have also worn them to the shops and to visit relatives. When the colder weather settles in I will be wearing these every time I go out.

These boots are priced at just £69.99 which I think is impressive. I personally would be happy to pay more for these boots due to their fabulous style and features. When Hi-Tec made these boots, I honestly believe they thought of everything. I have found that these boots are not just great for walkers but they are also great for Mums on the school run, on the supermarket trip and the busy Mum who is on her toes all day.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the above products for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.


  1. They look really good sound like they would be a good investment

  2. The winter traction sole looks a brilliant feature, I slip on drain covers and wet leaves, so I'm dreading the snow and ice!

  3. these look great, my feet are always cold! also the sole sounds great I need good grip

  4. I could really do with some of these!


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