Fisher Price Motion Control Thomas Review

Maxwell has always had a set of characters which he adores. Peppa Pig has always been at the top of his favorite list however coming a close second would be Thomas The Tank Engine along with the Alphablocks. A few weeks ago Maxwell and I received a exciting email asking us if Maxwell would like to review a new top toy which could go on to be top of many childrens Christmas lists, we of course said yes and waited eagerly for its arrival. The toy arrived the day Maxwell was at preschool, once Maxwell got home I allowed him to see what was inside the package which had been sent to us.

After a few shrieks and a lot of excited laughs, Maxwell was allowed to open his new toy. Maxwell had been sent the Fisher Price My First Thomas and Friends Motion Control Thomas. Maxwell was extremely excited and wanted to get his new Thomas toy straight out of the packaging. Once out of the packaging Thomas was ready to be played with straight away, there was no assembling to do and the toy came with working batteries.

Maxwell placed Thomas on the floor and waited for Thomas to get ready to explore our living room. I took the time to explain to Maxwell how his new Thomas worked and what hand movements he would need to do to get Thomas to explore our home. After a while of explaining Maxwell was ready to go on a top adventure with Thomas.

Thomas happily moved backwards and forwards, and responded to the bright yellow crossing sign which came with the Thomas toy to get him to stop. Once Thomas was on the move again, he was ready to reverse and turn and was careful to avoid any objects which were in his way. To get Thomas to move all you simply had to do was hold your hand over the motion control sensors on the top of Thomas's cab, with hand movements Thomas was able to clearly follow the path you wanted him to move to.

Not only does Thomas like to move around but he also loves to play games. Thomas features a game of Thomas Says, Thomas simply tells you actions of what to do. The game resembles the fun game of Simon Says. There is also a feature called Race Mode, in Race Mode you have to wave your hand back and forth over Thomas and he’ll rev for racing then speed ahead.

Thomas is a great toy for children to interact with. The Fisher Price My First Thomas and Friends Motion Control Thomas is different to many other toys on the market. It is built to last and is built for little hands to play with. The design and the features have been thought out well and I would 100% reccomend the Fisher Price My First Thomas and Friends Motion Control Thomas.

The Fisher Price My First Thomas and Friends Motion Control Thomas is recommended for ages 2+, Motion Thomas has a RRP of £40, and is available to buy from a number of retailers including Amazon. When posting this review The Fisher Price My First Thomas and Friends Motion Control Thomas was priced at just £23.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the above products for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.


  1. Linda F McGarrigle8 November 2014 at 16:10

    love the look of this fab review x

  2. My three year old grandson would love this. His favourite toy is a Thomas the Tank Engine.The fact this is built to last is a bonus.

  3. I like this, it's so nice to see a 'Thomas' that is a decent size for a toddler to play with. Thanks for the review

  4. Great review. My little boy would love this, looks like so much fun xx


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