A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell had his first parents "evening"
  2. Maxwell loves Daddy's new car
  3. Maxwell is being helpful in the home
  4. Maxwell and  I went shopping for party bits
  5. Maxwell has missed going outside due to the cold weather.
Today we went to Maxwell's first parent's "evening". Recently we have seen such a change in Maxwell and he has been coming on leaps and bounds, especially in the speech area. He has been learning new things daily and at the present moment he seems to be like a little sponge which absorbs everything which is said to him. Today has been a proud day for Ben and I as parents, we were told that Maxwell was doing great and in actual fact he is a little clever clogs. We were told that he enjoys doing his own thing at preschool and has his own mind, he doesn't like to follow others. We were also told that only a month ago it was recorded that he liked playing on his own however over the past few weeks he loves playing with the other children. We have learnt he enjoys going outside a lot, loves playing with the dolls house and he is not afraid to get a preschool teacher if there is anything wrong. They have very little cause for concern as long as Maxwell's speech continues to improve and progress. 

This week Ben got a new car. Maxwell adores the new car, mainly because he is able to see out the windows a little better than our old car as it was quite low to the ground however he also loves it due to it being a little more spacious for his legs and the fact that the windows are tinted so the sunlight will keep out of his eyes come summer. As a family we are really happy with our new car, it is a great treat to have just in time for Christmas.

Over the past week we have had bits and bobs done to the house. Maxwell has coped well with all the changes and has loved having visitors here. Maxwell continues to help me tidy and he has also learnt which hangers he needs to give me when we do the washing together, how to turn the hoover on so Daddy or I can hoover the house and he also loves to be involved in putting the washing machine on. Maxwell is a great helper around out home.

It is Maxwell's birthday in a few short weeks and I wanted to get prepared as I know we will have family over. This week we shopped in Tesco and saw that a lot of there party bits were reduced. Maxwell is a huge fan of pirates and all there sea themed products were half price so I knew I needed to pick some bits up. We are looking for one last item which is a new cake stand - I hope we are able to find one in time for Maxwell's Birthday.

Maxwell doesn't hate this weather but he dislikes it. Over the last few days we have been rained on and it is hard to explain to a little boy who loves to explore outside that he is unable to go and play because the weather is cold and wet. Maxwell has a cold at the present moment so on the wet, colder days he has been wrapped up warm and has been playing inside. I hope the weather brightens up a little this week so Maxwell is able to go and play. 

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