A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell loved dressing up for Halloween and getting in the Halloween spirit
  2. Maxwell helped me sort his old clothes and toys out ready for Christmas
  3. Maxwell is excited to be going to watch the Octonauts in April
  4. Maxwell's speech continues to improve every day
  5. Maxwell has started to complete harder puzzles
Last week we celebrated Halloween. Maxwell had a very busy week. We did Halloween cooking which involved us making Halloween jelly monsters, we made fun Halloween crafts which saw us make spooky spiders as well as witches broom sticks, we made a treasure box to go with Maxwell's Halloween costume and lastly we did Halloween face painting as well as Halloween dress up which included a photo shoot. Maxwell adored Halloween and the icing on top of the cake was the fact I entered Maxwell's Halloween photo into a few competitions and Maxwell won a few little prizes! 

.Last week I reported that we had been busy giving Maxwell's room a makeover, this week saw us de-clutter his room as well as sort his space out in the conservatory. Over the year Maxwell had accumulated lots of new toys as well as clothes so we sorted these bits and pieces out that Maxwell no longer used or needed and worked out where we would send all the bits to. We sent some bits to the charity shop, some bits to A.Rachel's so Maxwell can use the bits when he visits and we also sold a few bits online to gather funds for a special treat for Maxwell.

Last month I won some Octonauts tickets which will enable to go and see their show at the theater. I entered every competition I could find to win these tickets so I was thrilled to have won. Last week we got our confirmation and we will be going to watch the Octonauts in April. I am thrilled to be taking Maxwell. I love winning Maxwell little treats.

Over the last few weeks we have continued to see Maxwell's speech improve. A few weeks ago Maxwell barely repeated a work and said around 40 words however Maxwell can now spell out words, knows all the letters of the alphabet, repeats words, tries to put words together and tries to communicate more with words instead of actions. I am thrilled to see improvement and hope Maxwell continues to learn more as the weeks progress.

Maxwell has always had a love for puzzles, he used to adore doing the wooden puzzles where you slot several pieces into the shapes on a board however Maxwell now loves to do the puzzles which fit with one another, Maxwell can now easily do puzzles with up to 12 bits which I think is fantastic! He finds it easy to work them out and it only takes him several minutes to complete them.  

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  1. We still need to do the big clear out for Christmas, im dreading it!


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