An Angel Delight Treat

When I was younger I belonged to Brownies. I often remember going on Brownie pack holiday and on the last day we would be treated to chocolate soup.  Chocolate soup was a real treat and was made out of chocolate Angel Delight. Chocolate Soup had a selection of chocolate crushed into the Angel Delight dish, you would often find Chocolate Buttons, Mars Bars and Crunchies submerged at the bottom of the dish. This is my first memory of Angel Delight however whilst growing up I had plenty more.

Since having a family I have always liked to try and do meals on a budget. As a family we do not always have a dessert with our dinner but when we do I like to try and create a dessert we all enjoy. Recently I have been trying to create desserts for our family under £1.50 and my recent success was making a dessert from swiss roll and Angel Delight.

You will need:
Bubblegum Angel Delight 
Swiss Roll
Decoration for the top
Measuring Jug
Glass Dish
  1. First you need to create the Angel Delight mix - I added 300ml of milk and stirred until there were little lumps left and the mixture was light and creamy.
  2. Cut a small slither from the swiss roll and place it into your glass dish.
  3. Carefully put the angel delight into the glass dish, make sure that the swiss roll piece is submerged under the Angel  Delight mix.
  4. Add your selected topping.  I used chocolate curls for my topping.

Our whole family enjoy this dessert. Occasionally I replace the swiss roll with other ingredients. In the past I have used fruit, meringue and biscuit. You are also able to change the flavours of the Angel Delight. We used the new fabulous bubble gum flavour however you are also able to use Angel Delights other fabulous flavours which consist of strawberry, chocolate, butterscotch and banana.

This recipe takes minimal effort to do and can be done quickly in the morning before the school run or quickly before tea time. It is brilliant for children and adults alike and it is a recipe which will tickle your tastebuds.

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  1. Oh wow, drooling, can I come for tea, that looks so good.

  2. Lol my post talks about angel delight at guides :-) I do love it as s cheap and yummy dessert xx

  3. Got to love anything with chocolate and you brought back memories of my Brownie days. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking prt


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