5 for under £5

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought it would be great to bring you a edition of 5 for under £5 featuring Christmas decorations. This week I am in love with all the bits I have managed to find and I have actually bought a few bits myself to get into the Christmas spirit. 

I adore this sign and I have actually purchased it for myself. I thought it would sit nicely on our conservatory door on Christmas Eve. It is one of those items which can be used over and over again and I think it is a fab price. 

These decorations look great to dress the Christmas tree with. I thought the set was fairly cheap and I think they would be perfect for a little tree in Maxwell's room as it is clear they would not dress a whole tree.

 I thought these would make a nice activity for Maxwell and I to do together so I bought a set. I plan on hanging them in our conservatory, I think they will brighten the conservatory and make it Christmasy.

Everyone loves taking photos and I thought these were perfect for Christmas. They look like a lot of fun and I think they will help make great Christmas photos which you are able to look back on in a few years and remember the fun memories.

Color Changing Icy Crystal LED Christmas Tree Decoration - £1.81 with free delivery
I thought this would look pretty on the window ledge this Christmas. I think it would give a warm glow to passers by as well as visitors. It could also be used as a night light meaning it would be perfect for childrens rooms this Christmas


  1. These are fab for children who want to put a few decorations in their bedrooms. I especially like paper chains as they have the added fun of making them and I remember making these as a child too :)

  2. great bargains thanks for sharing the Color Changing Icy Crystal LED Christmas Tree Decoration

  3. Some great ideas - and so budget friendly.

  4. I'll definitely be using these tips this year. I really struggled to find cheap Xmas decs last year.


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