Max Rates.... October 2014 Fancy Dress Costumes

I have been keen to get Maxwell a space man suit for a while now. I love how cool the outfit looks and I think we could do make lots of creative photos with the suit. I will be looking to invest in one for Maxwell soon.

Quite a few people who I know seem to be scared of Clowns however we love clowns in this household. I think Maxwell would look really cute in a clown costume which includes a huge red nose. I love how colourful this costume is. 

Maxwell already has a dinosaur costume which he has grown out of. I can not believe how cheap this costume is and I adore the colour of it. This is not on top of my Amazon wishlist to buy Maxwell. 

I have been after a smurf costume for Maxwell for a while now. Maxwell fell in love with the Smurf film so I think he would love wearing this costume. I think it would look cool if we teamed the outfit with a face painted face so Maxwell looked all smurfed out. 

I have never seen a costume like this before and I am keen to purchase Maxwell this outfit. I love how unusual this outfit is and I think we could come up with a load of ideas to use this outfit for. 

This outfit is unique and I will 100% be purchasing Maxwell this outfit. I love the aliens huge head and I can imaging Maxwell wearing this costume and pretending to be scary. I think this outfit would be perfect for Halloween which is just around the corner. 


  1. Max would love cute in all of these. The alien one is really cool! My fave is the smurf outfit.

  2. I love the space man and the smurf. The costumes seem a great price!

  3. I cannot wait to see Max rocking all his cool costumes! x


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