Last Minute Safety Tips This Halloween

Halloween has arrived. It is always such a fun time for families however often people can get wrapped up in the moment and they forget how to stay safe. We have put some last minute ideas together, that will keep you and your family safe this Halloween.

  • Be aware of people not wanting trick or treaters. People with young children and the elderly will not appreciate having there door knocked on late at night, go at a reasonable time in the early evening.
  • Look out for signs on peoples houses asking for trick or treaters to stay away, also look around for houses which are decorated with Halloween decorations - these houses more than likely want trick or treaters to come round and surprise them. 
  • If your child  or yourself is going outside in a costume, make sure they are wearing reflective clothing. Most costumes worn at Halloween tend to be dark, this means drivers and others out and about at night may not be able to see people dressed in dark.
  • If your child is going trick or treating, make sure they go out in a group, preferably accompanied by an adult. Make sure your child has a mobile phone with them, this makes it easier for them to alert you if something is to go wrong.
  • Make sure you know what areas your children will be going to and give them a certain time to be home by. This information will help you if there is a emergency. 
  • Make sure your child knows not to enter anyone's house or to accept lifts from strangers. 
  • Be wary about what treats you or your children may get off people. Some sweets may not be as they seem. 

Stay safe and enjoy your evening!

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  1. Great tips, we almost saw a group of kids get run over tonight, scary stuff!


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