Birthday Wishlist

It is my birthday in December so I figured out I would write a wishlist for my family and Ben. If I am honest there is very little I want and it took some time to actually put this wishlist together.I know I have already had a few items bought for me, those items being a sewing machine and a book by Alfie Deyes who along with Zoe Snugg are my favorite You tubers! 

I love to collect perfume and after having a hunt around boots, this looked like a brilliant choice. The bottle the perfume comes in is very pretty and the scent is lovely. I normally ask for cheaper perfumes however I thought this would be lovely for my birthday. 

Along with Alfie Deyes, Zoe Snugg is one of my favorite You Tubers. I have been keen to read her book for a while now so this is one of my favorite items on my birthday wishlist.  

I have always wanted some sleep in hair rollers and after reading reviews these looked good. They are currently reduced to a fantastic price so I hope someone picks these up for me. I love having curly hair but since being a Mum I have very little time to curl it every morning. 

I love slush puppies and I thought this little gadget would bring a whole load of fun to my life. Although it is not very suitable for winter, I love to eat slush puppies all year so this item is perfect for me.

Occasionally I like to do puzzles however I never have space to do them and if I do find space to do them, they are normally ruined by Maxwell. Ii thought this board would be perfect for me to complete puzzles on and when I get board of doing them the board can simply be put somewhere safe so I can go back to do the Jigsaw later on. 

I love back combing and playing around with my hair and I thought this hairbrush would be perfect to do this with. I am surprised at how cheap this brush is as Denman are a good quality brand.


  1. Great choices!!
    It's my birthday in November and I have the Pointless blog book on my list but will have to wait for the Girl Online Book because it isn't released until after my birthday! I also want all of Zoella's beauty range....hehehe

  2. That Jimmy Choo perfume is wonderful, had completely forgot about loving that! x


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