A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell has started signing nursery rhymes
  2. Maxwell went to a hearing appointment
  3. Maxwell has a newly designed bedroom
  4. Maxwell has enjoyed watching lots of DVD's this week
  5. Maxwell loves to dance
This week has seen Maxwell sing lots of different nursery rhymes however his favorite ones to sing at the present moment are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Maxwell is able to do all the actions to Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and is getting confident with saying more and more words every single day. If Maxwell is unsure on the words of the song he hums himself through that part. It is incredibly cute to see.

This week we visited the hospital, we were refereed there due to Maxwell's speech. Ben and I have always believed Maxwell's hearing is perfect however we also believe it is always best to get a second opinion. Maxwell's appointment went very well and there is no problem with his hearing at all. The hearing test was a lot of fun for Maxwell and he even sat still when he had to have photos taken of the inside of his ears. It is great to know there is nothing wrong with Maxwell's hearing and we will not have to return for any follow up appointments.

This week has seen Maxwell have changes to his room. I was sick of the mismatch furniture that we had in his room so we decided that we would buy Maxwell a new set of draws and wardrobes. It has taken me months to find something which I actually like and in the end we went for the same design of furniture which is in Maxwell's playroom. I am really happy with the new look and as it stands I have very little left to buy to get the house looking like I want it. 

Maxwell has never really shown a interest in DVD's and films however this week Maxwell has enjoyed sitting down with me and watching DVD's,  This week we have watched childrens programmes and films. It was nice to sit down and watch them with Maxwell.

At the present moment Maxwell loves to dance. Every time there is a advert break, Maxwell gets up and dances. He is fascinated by the Marks and Spencer's advert at the present moment and also loves the spec-savers one. It is really funny to watch him get on his feet and tap around.


  1. My son had problems with his speech and his hearing was perfect. Glad that one worry is out of the way now.

  2. Woohhoo go Max! Well done with your appointment and you dance the night away!

  3. Fab news about his hearing! Both my boys have had hearing problems and grommets


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