A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell loves playing with toys that have bright lights on.
  2. Maxwell enjoyed spending the weekend with A.Rachel, U.Rob, Nanny and Grandad
  3. Maxwell went for his 1st hair cut
  4. Maxwell has been keeping snug and warm
  5. Maxwell's speech has continued to improve
This week Maxwell was sent some cool light up toys to play with ahead of the Baker Ross party which we were involved in. Maxwell has been mesmerized by them since they turned up at our door. He loves watching them light up and he loves making light shapes on the wall. They have kept him entertained for days and it is great to see him being creative and making fun games up by himself when using the light up toys.

This weekend Ben and I went out, we rarely get time together alone so it was great to go out for a meal and have some us time. Maxwell went to my sisters who looked after him overnight, in the morning my parents looked after him. Maxwell loves spending time with my family and is always spoiled by them. He comes home with a massive smile on his face and comes home in a happy mood. 

This week we took Maxwell for his first hair cut. Maxwell has extremely fine hair so he did not have a big cut however he had a trim. At first Maxwell was extremely wary of what was going on however he sat on my lap the whole time and in the end seemed to enjoy having his hair cut. I do not think Maxwell will need a cut for a while but its great to know that the next time we go to get Maxwell's haircut, Maxwell will not be scared. 

Since the weather has been cold Maxwell has not wanted to spend time in the garden or in the conservatory playing with his toys. Maxwell is at his happiest when he is wrapped up warm reading books or in our warm lounge playing with his cars. I am hoping that we will have a couple of bright sunny days soon so Maxwell can get back out in the garden and have lots of fun.

Although Maxwell is still not speaking a lot of words and putting sentences together, it is clear to see that his speech has improved. Maxwell happily speaks to us all day in his own language and now likes to repeat words from us. I am happy with his progress and I hope it continues. 


  1. Aw how fantastic he sat so well for his first haircut, well done Maxwell. x x

  2. Another fab week, I love these little updates. Glad he had a great weekend and that his speech is coming on. Jo x

  3. Aww what a great week go Max! Love seeing what he is up to each week :) x

  4. aww the first haircut! I kept a little piece of my daughters hair, she hardly had any until she was 2 but a little trim really thickened it up


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