A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell has had a lot of fun cooking
  2. Maxwell had his first visit to A&E
  3. Maxwell has continued to try lots more foods this week
  4. We bought Maxwell harder puzzles this week to complete 
  5. Maxwell has spent the start of the week jumping on a trampoline
This week you may have seen our post about Maxwell cooking for Grandad, it has had lots of views and comments so thank you to those who have taken the time to share and comment. If you have not seen our post you are able to view it here. Maxwell had great fun cooking for Grandad and we will be doing some more post's with Grandad in the future.

Last night Maxwell was taken to A&E. Maxwell loves to jump around however yesterday Maxwell decided to take it upon himself to jump off the sofa, he landed awkwardly and since then he has been unable to walk on his foot. We took Maxwell to the hospital at 11pm last night and we were sat around for over 4 hours to find out if there was any lasting damage, fortunately after 2 x rays we found that Maxwell has not broken any bones. Today Maxwell seems to still be in a lot of pain and is unable to walk on his foot. Hopefully he will be back to his usual self soon. 

Every week I have seen a difference in Maxwell's eating habits and this week Maxwell has been trying lots of new foods, he has also had sauces on his food which is a massive step for Maxwell. Maxwell has been eating bacon sandwiches this week, eating spoonfuls of pasta in sauce and has also tried curry sauce on his chips. 

At the weekend we drove over to our local supermarket and decided to pick up some puzzles for Maxwell. For weeks he has been happy doing puzzles with around 12 pieces that fit into shapes, he also loves to do floor puzzles with around 8 pieces however we thought we would push him and get puzzles with around 24 large pieces. Although Maxwell is not quite there yet with creating the puzzle, he is half way there and is learning.

This week saw me buy a exercise trampoline, unfortunately for me however Maxwell has spent many evenings this week bouncing around on it and not letting me have a go on it. He loves to jump up and down however he also loves doing lots of seat jumps on it. It is quite funny to watch and its great to see him enjoying himself so much.  

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