Smash & Nude Food Movers Review

To return back to preschool Maxwell was sent some lovely items from Smash and Nude Food Movers. Not only were we sent a lovely, bright, toddler friendly lunch bag to accompany Maxwell back to preschool but we were also sent some lovely food storage containers to use in his new lunch bag and at home.

I always love to choose Maxwell unique items to use at preschool, instead of character items which we find many children have.  We like to buy Maxwell bright, colourful, fun, unique items which we know Maxwell can identify easily. When Maxwell's new lunch bag arrived from Smash and Nude Food Movers I knew instantly that it would fit in with Maxwell's personality and I knew that no-one at Maxwell's preschool would have the same lunch box. The lunch bag we were sent was an amazing 3D bright green crocodile!

The lunch bag is a good quality item and it is clear that the item is made to last. The material is thick, the zip has thick teeth so is unlikely to get caught and broken and the lunch bag has a good size handy handle for Maxwell to keep hold of the lunch bag on his walks to preschool. The lunch bag is large in size and includes a main compartment, zipped pocket front and a reusable 500ml plastic drink bottle. The lunch bag also is insulated which is a great extra to have as it means Maxwell's food will stay chilled.

As a added bonus Smash and Nude Food Movers also sent us a selection of food storage containers. The idea of the containers is to eliminate the wastage of packaging, instead of spending money and using sandwich bags you are able to simply buy Smash and Nude Food Movers storage containers and use the containers over and over again. Not only are the containers great for eliminating waste they are also great for packing leftovers and also limits portions to healthy sizes in order to cut down on food waste.

We were sent a mini rubbish free lunchbox which is perfect to fit into the Smash and Nude Food Movers lunchbox. The mini lunchbox has two separate storage areas, one area is perfect to fit a sandwich in and the other area is perfect to add a range of snacks in. As a added extra the lunchbox is leak proof and is also easy clean due to its easy to wipe plastic material.

The last two products which we were sent are two very handy products. We were sent rubbish free snack tubes and a rubbish free yogurt mover. The snack tubes are 3 little tubs which all stack together however they also detach from one another if you are only looking to use one tub. These tubs are ideal to store dry fruit in, small crackers and even dips for lunchbox items such as bread sticks. The tubs are spill proof which is perfect if you are wanting to use the tubs for liquid items. The yogurt mover is one of my favorite items which we were sent due to its uniqueness. The yogurt mover is of course perfect for yogurt, the pot comes with a fab spoon which is reusable and is perfect for eating on the go, the pot also has a freeze gel wall which means that what ever is placed in the pot will stay cooler for longer.

Overall I was really impressed with the quality of the Smash and Nude Food Movers products. I would 100% reccomend their products to other parents. Their products not only save money over time but they are also eco friendly. Their products are well thought out and are priced reasonably for the quality of the item which you get. Smash and Nude Food Movers products can be found in all good supermarkets. You are able to find more information here.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.


  1. We have a few of the containers and find them really useful but i have never seen the lunch bags before they look so bright and very unusual x

  2. The storage containers are now on my shopping list :)

  3. Pam Francis Gregory30 November 2014 at 09:58

    Like the fact they are well made so will last!

  4. I've seen this in my local store and always wondered if they are any good, might give them a go now

  5. These storage containers are amazing, I really need to get some of these. My boys are both small eaters but they like a mixture of different food, they really like sliced peppers, carrots, cherry tomatoes, cheese, breadsticks, and ham rolled up, but the tubberware pots I would choose to use they found too hard to open and other products meant that all the foods were mixed in together. This looks perfect for keeping different foods apart and ensuring freshness in their packed lunch boxes.
    I have also found that packed lunch boxes have gone missing too despite being clearly marked so a different unique packed lunch box is a must.

  6. Love the look of them. My great-niece and great-nephew love healthier snacks but do get bored and need a variety for lunch or they will eat "rubbish". It's hard to keep things separate (so they retain their taste) and keep them all tasting fresh and tasting how they should. A lot of the containers are quite hard to open (defeating the whole object) and of course you can't keep giving them loads of different boxes to carry about. :)

  7. ive seen these a few times now, i love this review, i think i will be out to buy one for all the summer picnics i plan on having

  8. Great review thanks. We get through quite a lot of containers but a lot of them are rubbish, these look like they would stand the test of time - and kids.

  9. Wow! Hadn't seen these before. Thanks for the excellent review!


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