Milkshake! Stars DVD Review

There is not a day that goes past where Maxwell does not get up in the morning and heads to tune into his favorite TV channel! Channel 5's Milkshake has played a big part of Maxwell's mornings for a while now and he would be lost if he did not get to see his favorite TV characters. Each morning Maxwell is entertained by the likes of Thomas The Tank Engine, Ben and Holly and his favorite, Peppa Pig.

This week Maxwell was thrilled when the new Milkshake! Stars DVD dropped onto our doormat. His first reaction was to scream when he saw Peppa Pig and his second reaction was to get the DVD into our DVD player as soon as possible. Once the DVD was safely in the DVD player, Maxwell sat for around 2 hours enjoying everything the DVD had to give.

The DVD was full of 15 exciting episodes made up of the Milkshake Stars. Peppa Pig was a clear winner when it came to asking Maxwell what his favorite episode was on the DVD but Ben and Holly came a close second. As a parent I was also happy to watch the Milkshake! Stars DVD and I was happy to relive some of my childhood favorite TV programmes such as Thomas The Tank Engine and Fireman Sam. The DVD also included stars like Little Princess, Bert and Ernie, Bananas in Pyjamas and many more!

As a parent I can happily say that the DVD was full of action, comedy, adventures and lots of little learning curves. The DVD is perfect for not only watching in the home but also to take on long journeys in the car or even on holidays further afield due to the short but entertaining episodes.

The DVD goes on sale on the 8th September so keep your eye out for it, it is worth the money due to it providing a lot of entertainment and if your child is a Milkshake fan they are sure to be impressed! If you are counting down the days for its release why not preorder it on Amazon for just £7?

If the DVD is not good enough for your little one, I bring you further exciting news! Milkshake is going on tour! There are many venues you can to attend to up and down the country, it looks like a great show and a lot of fun for all the Milkshake lovers out there. For more information of dates and venues, click here.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.

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