Feeling Blue With Autumn

Autumn has started setting in and I have been on the look out for some fab new items for Maxwell's wardrobe. The weather is starting to get that little bit colder and Maxwell is in need of a few new items to attend preschool in. Every item above, I adore and I will be making quite a few purchases! This post is blue themed however some items have a little splash of colour.

Next is my favorite place to buy Maxwell jeans. Only this week, whilst at preschool Maxwell has managed to ruin 2 pairs of jeans. All his Next jeans however have taken everything preschool has had to offer them and they are still ok to wear however they are getting a little short on the leg. I am a massive fan of skinny jeans on Maxwell so these jeans are a must have and I will be purchasing them in the next few weeks. 

Maxwell already has a pair of Joules Wellies however I have to say they are getting slightly small so Maxwell will need a new pair soon. I adore the fun design on these wellies and I think they would look fab with the jeans that I have picked for Maxwell. I often wait for Joules to have a sale and try and grab Maxwell a pair of wellies at a bargain price, here's hoping they will have a sale soon!

Marks and Spencer's caters for all the family however they also cater well for children. Since Maxwell was born he has been in and out of Marks and Spencer clothing and it has never failed me. I am in love with this jumpers design and it is something I will be buying to keep Maxwell looking trendy but warm this winter.

I am a huge fan of duffle coats and as soon as I set eyes on this coat, I knew it was something that Maxwell needed in his wardrobe. Although it is not practical for all types of weathers, it is cute, trendy, looks warm and is perfect to wear with a nice pair of jeans.

Hat Set
I adore this hat set and I think it is a big bargain. I love the colour which is splashed over the set and I personally think the set is something which would not only keep Maxwell warm but also go with many of his outfits. The hat set is a bargain and I will be buying  a set for Maxwell to accompany him on cold days out.

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